Bath Bomb - Small

AWAKEN-Grapefruit & Bergamot, RELAX-Lavender & Lemon, SPA DAY-Eucalyptus & Lavender, DATE NIGHT-Rose & Ylang Ylang and BREATHE-Peppermint & Eucalyptus.  They're all labeled by color and each has it's own story.  Each Blend can be created into:  Sugar Scrubs, Bath Salts, Body/Room Spray, Body Lotion, Bath Bomb, Lip Gloss or Balm & Pure Blends for use in your diffusers (which I happen to sell as well!).

Bath Salts - 8 oz
Body & Room Spray - 4 oz
Body Lotion - 4 oz
Body Lotion - 2 oz

I love using essential oils and I know I will convert you too!  All of my products only contain Pure essential oils and organic ingredients.  Because you are using only organic products, their shelf life is a little shorter but the benefits of the essential make up for that.  All products are safe for consumption and in addition to being good for you, they all smell fantastic!  I have 7 Blends:  NAKED-Patchouli & Orange, SURVIVAL-Cedarwood, Lemon, Orange & Clove, 

Bath Bomb - Large
Body Lotion - 8 oz
Sugar Scrub - 7 oz
Bath Salts - 5 oz