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Preschool & Montessori - $400 (half day, includes signing time)

Nancy will spend 20-25 minutes with each prearranged class to read from her eight picture books.  With each group, she will share her inspirational story and the lessons within the stories; such as sharing, making friends and embracing new adventures.  Nancy will also show tactile visuals to engage the children, such as storyboards and original drawings. 

Kindergarten, First and Second Grade - $500 (half day, includes signing time)

Nancy will spend 30-45 minutes with each pre-arranged class to read and share from her eight picture books.  With each group, in addition to reiterating the importance of “the process,” she will share her inspirational story and the importance of confidence and determination.  Nancy will bring tactile visuals and a power point presentation to allow many opportunities for class participation.

Third, Fourth, Fifth and older - $600 (half day, includes signing)

Nancy will spend 30-45 minutes with each pre-arranged group to share her inspirational story of becoming an Author.  In addition to reiterating the process of creating the books, Nancy will engage the children in a discussion on the importance of self-worth, confidence and setting attainable goals.  In addition to her power point presentation, Nancy will also bring tactile visuals and show trailers from books.

All Primary School Classes (Kinder-Fifth) - $800 (full day, includes signing)

All of the above descriptions apply but Nancy will come for either one full day or two half days to accommodate all classes.

Nancy will provide a pre-order form to send home to students two weeks prior to her visit & can also fulfill orders on the day. Nancy will also donate a set of all of her books to your library.  All forms of payment are accepted and payment can be made directly through Nancy or the school.  Further accommodations can be granted upon request.

Your children will thoroughly enjoy Nancy’s visit and will be inspired by her story.  If she’s been to your school, she’s made some changes and additions and would love to come back!  Please feel free to speak with Librarians and School Principals to hear about their experiences with Nancy.


Nancy will read and present her stories in a "Milk & Cookies" type forum, whereby she will read books and talk about her stories for a "Parents Night Out" or other Community Events.  She can provide specialized cookies on request but typically would ask the facility to provide these.  Her Events tend to be booked one hour at a time but can be personalized to suit your needs.


                       SCHOOLS VISITED​                                              COMMUNITY EVENTS

Nancy Shakespeare came to our private school two years in a row.  Her sessions were engaging with young readers and older elementary students alike.  Her talks about her writing process included drafts and illustrations from her original works.  Our students came away with a greater knowledge of the creative writing process.  Thank you Nancy!  Ascension Episcopal School wishes you well!

Denise Dorris, AES Head Librarian 



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